Things you need to know Updated on 09-12-2014

About the API

Before you start testing your API system, you need to contact easypay on
We need to change the configuration of your account to be ready to receive notifications via API.
If you do not have a Free Plan, you may request the "Test" environment as well.
In all communications with easypay, please send us your CIN (0000) and your User ID (XXXX000000).

The EasyPay API allows you to query payment meta-data, receive payment notifications and generate payment references.

Since EasyPay API is based on REST principles, it´s very easy to write and test applications. You can use your browser to access URLs, and you can use pretty much any http-client in any programming language to interact with the API.

Base URL

All URLs referenced in this document have the following base:


The EasyPay API is served in over HTTPS. HTTP is not supported.

SSL Certificate

You don't need to subscribe to a SSL Certificate of any kind, since all information about your clients Credit Card is hosted and received on our Payments Gateway.


Most of the EasyPay API's use POST or GET request method.


All XML returns to EasyPay need to be set as header type plain/text. XML header content type will not work.
A good way to know this is to type your URL in a browser window and see the return.

Payment Identifier

EasyPay uses a payment identifier (also known as payment reference) for every request payment. This payment identifier is always 9 digits long and always starts with your CIN Number (Client Information Number).
This payment can be reused for as many different payments as you would like, since you can lock a specific payment identifier to a unique payment key (referred as t_key) sent to our web service when you ask for a reference.

Web Service Information Flow

In most cases it is possible to build an implementation in a couple of hours.
  1. Your application asks for a payment identifier or reference.
  2. Once we receive a payment, we will notify your payment notification URL.
  3. Your web service will ask EasyPay for the detailed information about a specific payment notification.

Redirection to our payment gateway

Our payment gateway can not be shown on any kinda of iframe or ajax loaded window.
For the credit card payments you need to redirect your client to our payments gateway page. The costumer needs to know that he is on website processing a secure transaction of his credit card data.