How to implement - Multibanco Updated on 26-06-2015

Workflow of how to implement Multibanco payments using easypay's services.

1 - Request a Reference

Call api_easypay_01BG.php to request a payment identifier.
Save ep_reference and ep_entity on your order record
Show, on your page, ep_reference, ep_entity and ep_value to the client, like below image

2 - Wait for it...

Now your client have all data on his side to pay
The Client will use this data to pay via a Portuguese ATM or Homebanking
For test purposes you can test a multibanco payment

3 - Payment notification

Once your client pays you will receive a payment notification ( real time )
If you don't need real time notification you can fetch all payments once a day to fetch all the payments received

4 - Notifications check

If you use real time notification you should call once a day api_easypay_040BG1.php to fetch all payments received and match with the ones you have on record to check if all of them where notified.
If not, add them to the easypay_notifications table and continue the process like it was a real time notification.