How to implement - Credit Card Frequent Updated on 09-12-2014

Workflow of how to implement Credit Card frequent payments using easypay's services.

1 - Request a Frequent Identifier

Call api_easypay_01BG.php to request a payment identifier.
Redirect the client for the URL received on parameter ep_link
Client will arrive on a page like this

2 - Client side

Now your client is on easypay's credit card gateway.

3 - Client credit card details

Now your client will fill their credit card details and click next
Review all the infos and finalize the authorization

4 - Redirect to your page

Now your client will be redirected to your page.
You need to implement this steps.

5 - Client process ends here

The client process ends here and there is no more things for him to do.

6 - When the time comes

Now that you have an authorization for this payment identifier, you can charge your clients, you have to request the payment using api_easypay_05AG.php

7 - Wait for it...

As soon as the status of the payment for the frequent payment changes at easypay, you will be notified about the final status. This is how you can handle the notification.

8 - Notifications check

You should check once a day fetch all payments for payments received and match with the ones you already have.
You should use as a base date the payment request date.