How to implement - Boleto Bancário Updated on 09-12-2014

Workflow of how to implement Boleto Bancário payments using easypay's services.

1 - Request a Reference

Call api_easypay_01BG.php to request a payment identifier.
Redirect the client to the URL received on parameter ep_boleto
Client will arrive on a page like this

2 - Client side

Now your client is on Boleto Bancário website, ready to log in and proceed.

3 - Boleto Bancário details

Now your client will login into Boleto Bancário and create a boleto,
enabeling your client to pay via Boleto Bancário in the Brazilian ATMs

4 - Redirect to your page

Upon finishing, your client can be redirected to your page, if he chooses to do so.
When redirected, we will send you the boleto link, so you can make it available to your client
After being redirected, you will also be informed of the success of the boleto creation

5 - Client process ends here

The client process ends here and there is no more things for him to do.